36 graduates to receive diplomas...

The Crofton Community Schools class of 2022 will hold commencement ceremonies this Saturday, May 7 at the school.

The graduation ceremony will begin at 2 p.m. for the 36 candidates that will be presented for graduation.

The class’s officers this year were: President, Ella Wragge; Vice-President, William Poppe; and Secretary/Treasurer, Jada Schmidt. 

The Class of 2022 chose “The goal in life is not to live forever, but to create something that does,” as its class motto for the graduation ceremony, and Maroon and White as the class colors. The Gerber daisy is the class flower.

Those members of the Class of 2022 that will be presented for graduation, and their parents include:

James F. Allen, son of Tom and Wanda Allen

Kiera Rose Altwine, daughter of Chad and Karen Altwine

Cheyenne E. Anderson, daughter of LeRay and Katrina Anderson

Brady Joshua Anthony, son of Sara Anthony and Craig Anthony

Zachary John Berger, son of Regie and Lynda Berger

Madalynne Paige de Shazer, daughter of Doug and Juliet de Shazer

Jayden C. Eilers, son of Josh and Lisa Eilers

Brooklynn D. Fiscus, daughter of Nick and Jennifer Fiscus

Alexis J. Folkers, daughter of Jeff and Becky Folkers

Tucker J. Goeden, son of Eric Goeden

Austin Nicholas Guenther, son of Bill and Rachel Guenther

Rowdy Dean Hegge, son of Brooks Hegge and Summer Baumgart

Jared Francis Janssen, son of Michael and Shauna Janssen

Jayden A. Jordan, daughter of Shawn Jordan and Michelle Weidner-Jordan

Sabrina C. Kaiser, daughter of Kelly and the late Kayleen Kaiser

Kelsay R. Kleinschmit, daughter of Keith and Angie Kleinschmit

Roy T. Knapp, son of John and Monique Knapp

Paul Aris Konechne, son of Dustin and Kerri Konechne

Emma Kay Neuhalfen, daughter of Neal and Jody Neuhalfen

Mayson D. Ostermeyer, son of Johnnie and Robyn Ostermeyer

Wade L. Pedersen, son of Lisa Pedersen and Eric Pedersen

William C. Poppe, son of Jay and Deanna Poppe

Stran D. Sage, son of Ed and Tina Sage

Karley Anna Schieffer, daughter of Duane and Ginger Schieffer

Jada Lynn Schmidt, daughter of Russell and Tracy Schmidt

Tate J. Sejnoha, son of Jeremy and Candace Sejnoha

Riley C. Sprakel, son of Roger and JoAnn Sprakel

Nathaniel L. Stevens, son of Jeremy and Jamie Stevens

Jacob D.D. Stewart, son of Amy Stewart and Doug Stewart

Izaac C. Sukovaty, son of Ray and Jennie Sukovaty and JoAnn Sukovaty

Conner A. Tarr, son of Karl and Katie Langley-Kast

Ashley J. Tramp, daughter of David and Julie Tramp

Ethan A. Tramp, son of Bert and Pam Tramp

Jaxon T. Wiebelhaus, son of Tom and Tracie Wiebelhaus

Ella K. Wragge, daughter of Mark and Annette Wragge