Crofton Mayor, Sharol Lawhead, welcoming Crofton’s new police officer, John Carter.

John Carter, was officially sworn in as Crofton’s Police Officer during a special meeting last Saturday, June 25.

The Crofton City Council held a special meeting on Saturday afternoon, which lasted just a few minutes, giving the members enough time to introduce and pass a motion hiring Carter, 4-0.

According to Mayor Sharol Lawhead, Carter was hired for $61,000 plus the applicable benefits listed in the City’s employee manual, but no officially signed contract as with the previous officer.

Carter’s experience is extensive. He began his career in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff at Orleans Criminal Sheriff’s Office in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also spent time serving as Chief Deputy Sheriff at the Dundy County Sheriff’s Office, as well as policing in Lincoln, and David City. He was also appointed Chief of Police in Tekamah. 
Overall, Carter has 30 years’ worth of Law enforcement experience. 

He also served as an active duty member for the United States Marine Corps, 1st Battalion 11th Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, Calif. as an Intelligence Analyst. 
He was a graduate of Creighton Law School and he practiced law in and outside Nebraska for nearly seven years. 

As well as his career in Law enforcement, he owns a firearm company, Jaeden Guns and Ammo, and he is a licensed federal firearm and ammunition manufacturer/ dealer. As well as firearms, they manufacture body armor and other accessories. The store is currently located in Benkelman. “Hopefully when we move up here, whether it will be in Crofton or nearby, we are moving our store closer to us.” Carter said. 

When asked about his plans and goals for his time in Crofton, he said, “First I what I would like to do is get a school resource officer. It would be a full time, certified, law enforcement officer who spends their time in the schools. They build rapport with the kids, developing programs, eating lunch, and building relationships, to help stop bullying and they will do the DARE program. They will be at the high school, the elementary and Catholic schools, just roaming around getting to know the kids, so the kids will be trusting of law enforcement, and know they have somebody to go to. Then I would like to get a second officer, in addition to the school resource officer.”

Carter continued, “Then also for the Crofton Neighborhood Watch Group that’s being started, what I would like to do is, further develop that and work with the seniors and have a volunteer program where “seasoned” citizens can become more proactive in the community, alongside the community watch program. I would also like to be involved in the “Shop with a Cop” program, for example, get in touch with Walmart, and we will raise some money from the community and Walmart usually matches it dollar for dollar. Again it builds rapport and brings the community together. Those are the kind of community things I would like to do. As far as some safety things, I would like to get an explore program, where we go in to high school and teach about firearm safety, and talk about bullying, and if they have any law enforcement interest they can come out, and go on a ride along, and see what it is like.”

As a final thought, Carter spoke about how he would like to build communication in the community; “Once a quarter, I would like to have a town hall meeting where people who have concerns, and want to bring them to me, they can. Four times a year, we can get together and strategize how to make the community better as it grows, because it’s starting to grow now.”

Officer Carter has also created a Facebook page open to the Crofton public, making news readily available and maintaining an open door policy with the community. Everyone is encouraged to go like the page at “Crofton Police” (@croftonpd).

Carter’s wife, Unique, and their son, Dalando, will be joining him in Crofton as well. His wife owns a salon in McCook and is a full service cosmetologist and hairdresser.  His son will be starting Crofton High School as a sophomore in the fall, and is looking forward to football, basketball and wrestling.