Community Foundation Seeking Survey Input

The Crofton Community Foundation has recently created a community survey, and has begun distribution and returns.

The purpose of the survey, according to the Foundation committee, “is to hopefully start honest and productive conversation, and also to gain insight into what makes, and would continue to make, Crofton, a great place to live.”

The survey will be distributed in water bills, and extra paper copies are available at People’s Grocery, the city office, the Crofton Journal and the library in town.
Drop boxes are located at People’s Grocery and the city office/mail slot. 

The survey is also online accessible at
The results of the survey will be collected, sorted and shared with the public after its circulation. 

“We very much appreciate your time, and are excited to be able to ask for, and share, your real, honest answers!” said members of the Crofton Community Foundation.

Survey In Brief 
Are you a Crofton native? If no, what brought you here?
Is Crofton a place you would be happy to raise a family? Why or Why not?
In your opinion, what are Crofton’s top 5 assets?
Do you feel a sense of pride in our town? Why or why not?
How far do you travel for work?
What would make our town more appealing?
Do you believe Crofton is “growing”? If yes, in what ways?
Do you think Crofton has a strong “sense of community”? Good communication?
Do you participate in local organizations? Why? Why not?
How well do you think you understand the inner-workings of Crofton? (City government, decision making, opportunities, etc.) 
What would you like to see more of in our community? What would you like to see less of?