Front Row: April Kleinschmit, Lauren Loecker, Madelyn Loecker, Pamela Dennis, Francine Zulueta, Sophia Wortmann, Alexa Suing. Second Row: Morgan Stevens,  Jenna Jackson, Lukas Schantz, Jeffrey Birger, Grant Schieffer, Emma Bilka, Brooke Lammers. Third Row: Ariel Lammers, Araya Nielsen, Jack Schieffer, Carter Steffen, Jackson Lynde, Kaija Hess, Katie Neuharth. Back Row: Kayla O’Connor, Lillie Earley, Ella Reifenrath, Carter Guenther, Quinn Mosher, Payden Anderson, Elizabeth Wortmann, Fiene Adler.

The Crofton High School choir participated in the Mid-State Vocal Music Clinic at Cedar Catholic on Monday, November 7. The Mount Marty assistant vocal director, Brandon O’Conner, was their director for the day.

The combined choir was given four pieces to perform all together and then chose one song to perform per school. Crofton’s choir chose to sing “Nothing is Gonna Stop Me” by Pink Zebra.

Sophomore Madelyn Loecker said, “My favorite part of the day was when we were singing ‘Tribute to the Armed Services’, which is a compilation of all the military branches’ songs, and we had the veterans stand when we sang their (branch’s) song.”

Senior Araya Nielsen sings during the Mid-State Conference Choir.